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Working Process Of Taxi Management Software

January 27, 2020

With the advancement of technology, everything is being digital and precise, so why not the taxi business? For a taxi company, earlier it wasn’t easy to manage all the tasks. Whether it is the customer side or the driver side of the admin side. But now, with the help of taxi management software, it is easy to manage everything. Apart from the task management, driver, passenger, and owner, all are getting various benefits from these taxi management software.

Global Taxi Dispatch Software Market to reach USD 723 million by 2025. Global Taxi Dispatch Software Market valued approximately USD 199 million in 2016 is anticipated to grow with a healthy growth rate of more than 17.5% over the forecast period 2018-2025. (source)

The working process of taxi management software is divided into three parts.

  • Admin Application
  • Passenger Application
  • Driver Application

1. Admin Application

The admin panel has all the access to the system. Through the admin panel, the Administrator control and command all the services, queries, and requests of the drivers and passengers. The admin can also delete, add, modify, and view the passenger details.

Features Of Admin Application

  • The admin panel categorizes the passengers depending upon their activities.
  • Those categorized passengers offered advantages according to the involvement in the system.
  • The administrator gets all the live updates for the whole system.
  • Help to assign more taxis in high demand area.
  • It provides a contact number where passengers and drivers can interact.
  • Admin is able to see the driver’s activity, live updates, and progress reports on a daily basis.

2. Passenger Application

The passenger application helps passengers to book a taxi, contact drivers, check the driver’s live location, expected reach time, and many other features. Passenger side application should be convenient to use so anyone can easily book a taxi through the app. The application should resolve the irritating customer problems.

Features Of Passenger Application

  • A passenger is able to check all the booking history, which includes fair, distance, driver, and time of the ride.
  • With this app, passengers can check the details of their current ride and help the customer with the contact details and live location of the cab.
  • Apart from login credentials, the customer is also able to sign up from Email, Facebook, and Google+.
  • The passenger application in taxi management software provides features like emergency SOS, sending ride details, booking a taxi for others, and facility of easy and secure payments, etc.
  • Gives customers a chance to earn something from the refer and earn program.
  • Ask them for feedback about the service they received for better customer service.

3. Driver Application

The driver application in taxi management software helps drivers to accept or reject a ride, contact passengers, get the live location of the passenger, and provide estimated journey time. Using the personal details for login credentials, the driver is ready to use the application. Driver application, so easy and convenient to use that even a kid can operate it.

Features Of Driver Application

  • It provides unique log-in credentials to each driver so that no one can misuse the credentials.
  • The application shows historical data reports of trips, earnings, etc.
  • It helps drivers to take a break using online and offline mode.
  • It provides easy payment modes to the drivers.
  • Drivers can opt to accept or reject a ride.
  • Drivers can get the earning report sorted by day/month/year/time.

Wrap Up

With the help of these applications and features in taxi management software, it works correctly and in a well-organized manner. Taxi management software works as a bridge between passengers and drivers. This software provides a sparkling solution for taxi companies with numerous applications for Android and iOS platforms.

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